Managing Your Social Media Accounts

“I’m managing several social media accounts for an organization and it’s just overwhelming. What should I do?”  Don’t panic!

Think back to the first time you opened a social media account.  It may have been Facebook, Xanga, or a number of other innovative sites.  Whatever the fad was when you first engaged in social media, do you remember the excitement you shared with your friends as you discovered new features and learned quick tricks?

For those of you who have recently set up a social media account for your organization, you may be feeling the same jittery excitement that keeps you up for hours online.  Once you set up several social media accounts you may even find yourself overwhelmed with constant notifications to your cell phone and email.  Your first reaction might be to turn off your notifications. At the same time you don’t want to tune out your audience… So what is the happy medium?  How do you stay engaged with your audience without losing sight of other obligations?  Although it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the world wide web, it is important that you effectively manage your social media accounts by dedicating the right tools and techniques.

Tips to manage your social media before it manages you:

  1. Set up a schedule. The key to saving time is using your time more effectively. Schedule your social media interactions like a meeting.  Professional blogger Wade Kwon tells us to “set office hours.” Essentially, schedule times throughout the day to check your social media and place a time limit on those sessions.  Having time set aside will allow you to be concise rather than spend countless hours online to look up at your alarm clock astonished.
  2. Set up a central location.  If you want to stay ahead of the game, plan your social media posts in advance.  You can utilize sites like HootSuite that will allow you to manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously.   Sites like this allow you to plan your posts based on a schedule you’ve preset. This will cut down on stress and wasted time while keeping you organized.


  3. Limit social media to one device. While it may seem convenient to have access to your social media accounts on several devices, if you limit your access to one device it will help keep you on track.  Designate your home or work computer to your organization’s social media accounts while keeping your personal accounts on your cell phone.  Not only are you relieved of constant notifications, but you can better stick to your social media check-in schedule.
  4. Limit your focus.  Don’t get caught up in the variety of social media sites.   Managing several, unfamiliar sites may not be worth the stress.  One effective social media account will be more effective for your organization than several unorganized or outdated ones.  Pick a method that works for your organization and stick to it.

Bottom line: Setting up a social media presence for your organization can be overwhelming.  In order to save time and energy it is essential that you mandate the right techniques to manage your social media.  Using these tips, you should be able to find a routine that works best for your organization.